You Will Learn:
  • What to do immediately from the moment you pick your dog up at your veterinarians
  • How to prepare your home and create a safe place for recovery
  • What is normal and abnormal after surgery, and what to look for
  • All the Easy to perform Therapies that will speed your dogs recovery…with descriptions of the benefits, how to do them & how many to do every day
  • All the Easy to perform Strengthening Exercises the will rebuild your dogs muscle and regain function of that leg fast
You will also receive the TopDog Home Recovery Program Worksheet so that you can keep track of your dogs recovery

Dear Pet Owner, Since 2004 I have been helping dogs recover and get back to 100% after cruciate injury. Over the years, I collected that "take home" instructions that veterinarians were sending home with their clients after surgery. It was so discouraging to see such poor instructions and actually it was really disheartening to see that my colleague where not making a better attempt at educating their clients on the importance of post-surgery rehabilitation. There are some many things you can do at home to help your dog recovery.

Finally I decided to create literally "THE HANDBOOK" for pet owners, that gave step-by-step instructions, week-by-week, with pictures and diagrams to illustrate what you can do at home. And best of all I am putting it out there for you to download for FREE. I know you love your dog and I know you want to help them. Let me help guide the way.

Written by Dr. James St. Clair, DVM
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